What is Tara Klamp?

The Tara KLamp Circumcision device is the worlds first device based on Non-Invasive Surgery and has been described as the last frontier in circumcision surgery.

Why Tara Klamp?

The use of Tara Klamp can be encouraged on a national scale as part of the primary health care program of a country as this method is practical and inexpensive. As it addresses problems such as bleeding, infections e.g. Hepatitis, HIV etc. and deaths associated with circumcision, it has enormous implication in circumcision surgery, both to individuals and nations throughout the world.


Circumcision is one of the most common surgeries performed all over the world. It is generally performed either in a surgical THEATRE, at home or as in some countries even at the roadsides or in the bush etc.

Circumcision methods vary in different regions and problems e.g. infections, accidental amputations of the glans penis, bleeding etc. continue to occur. This happens even in circumcisions performed in an operating THEATRE. This research identified that most of these problems continue to occur because in all the circumcisions methods or devices invented so far, the surgery is of invasive type.

This invention enables circumcisions to be performed not only safely and easily but also ----- for the first time in surgical history ----- enables circumcisions to be performed just as aseptically, at home, on the roadsides or out there in the bush, as in an operating THEATRE. These problems are prevented because the surgery performed by this device is of non-invasive type.